mixtape 040

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 040.

Tonight was the final Pop Roxx event.

To commemorate this, we gave away a bunch of compilation CDs of most of the bands who have played at Pop Roxx over the last two and a half years. It wasn't all of the bands, because there were too many to fit on an audio CD, so I had to leave a few off.

This week's mixtape is the "director's cut" of that CD: it's almost the complete set of Pop Roxx bands. (And yeah, I'm slightly breaking my "C90" rule for this one.) I'm only missing tracks by three bands (Pretty Vicious, Landshark, and Sunday Drivers). Somehow I managed not to get CDs by those bands, and I wasn't able to track down MP3s by them this week, alas.

We had a lot of great bands at Pop Roxx! I'll miss it.

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