monkey butter plastics.

Milk Cameo:

Techniques for producing organic materials enable the fabrication of plastics made from human or animal milk by solidifying their casein content. The `Perle de lait' range of jewellery imagines a new set of personalized post-natal objects. The breast-feeding mother sends a feeding bottle full of her milk to a laboratory where it is transformed into a gem-like substance that can be mounted on a neck-piece or any other form of jewellery.
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what if.

If you could have a custom velvet painting of ANYTHING...
what would it be?

No, seriously, what would it be?

Please use both sides of the paper if necessary.


Klaatu Barada FUCK NO.


Now, I am not a Keanu-hater like so many people are.
He has been in many movies that I have enjoyed.
That is not the problem.
The problem here is that this movie is UNTOUCHABLE.
You do not fuck with The Day The Earth Stood Still.
Especially not with some particle-system nanotech nonsense
and a Precocious Child, WTF.

Four frames of Gort fan service at the end though.

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