This may be the best resignation letter ever written.

But WTF is the big idea with posting an IMAGE of an EMAIL?
(My theory is, "Oook ook! Gossip monkey thinks it will generate more hits!" Ass.)

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  1. porphyre says:

    That was lovely! I can't understand the folks who replied with bile.

    • cattycritic says:

      Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. Do these people work in tech industry? it's really casual here in Silicon Valley. This kind of stuff isn't uncommon, no, not even from execs. Anyway, anything else people tend to write is typically trite and insincere.

      My bro-in-law was (probably still is) well-known for this sort of thing at 3 of the companies he worked at (two of which I was there to read). Current coworkers also used to work with him and still talk about his funny e-mails. He is now making big bux as an IT director at a nice little networking company. Didn't exactly hurt his career.

  2. prog says:


    Don't read the comments, though. They hurt. (As per above.)

  3. inoah says:

    My favorite resignation letter of all time is still this one:Even though, in hindsight, he's the best president we've had during my lifetime. Even if he was a republican.

  4. It's certainly a lot more fun than the resignation letter I just wrote. Nicely done!

  5. mcity says:

    My money's on "laziness".

    • jwz says:

      How can it possibly be "laziness" to take a screen shot of an email and crop it -- versus "select text, drag"?

      • mcity says:

        Maybe they were tipped, and someone sent them the screenshot.

        No, wait, they weren't. This is just plain bad decision making, especially since the only Gawker blog I read regularly makes heavy use of blockquote.

      • g_na says:

        I bet the image is so that, for whatever reason, it can't be copy-pasted elsewhere.

  6. owenthomas says:

    It's actually a giant pain in the ass to create an image of an email. Doesn't generate any more pageviews than if I'd copied and pasted the text, and it certainly takes more time. (Oook ook! Nightclub-owner monkey makes up nonsensical theory without even pausing to critically examine it!)

    The point is to convey to the reader that I've reproduced the email as is, as it arrived in my inbox, without alteration, save perhaps a courtesy blurring of any actual email addresses.

    I suppose I could post both the image and the text, but that seems annoyingly repetitive.

  7. xgray says:

    they seem to have fixed it so one can't repost the image on tumblr as well.

    although they haven't blocked image pulls from all referrers (i made a little test page here at work), which tells me that they're specifically looking to limit re-blogging.

    ...ass, indeed.