Sound Barrier

Maia Urstad brings that beat back:
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  1. ferrouswheel says:

    except it's more of a morse code beep, than a beat.

    i was disappointed, i expected that at any moment in that video the beat was about to drop. but it didn't.

  2. dzm6 says:

    This video no longer exists"

    And by pure coincidence DJ Shuffle is currently playing Moment In Love, also by Art of Noise and also from (Who's Afraid Of) The Art of Noise!

  3. More wu-tang, plz.

    I think this video nicely demonstrates the difference between Art and awesome.

  4. schoschie says:

    I wonder if they are all playing the same, or different sounds. Hard to tell from the video; too lazy to read the artwork description.

  5. Frankly, I'd like it better (although I'm SURE my tutors wouldn't, as that whiny little beep is just the thing they love in modern art usually, although unfortunately the semester just finished so I can't ask them and get back to you) if that wall of sound was playing something that made it be a barrier of sound as well as the physical wall of sound-machines... something like a decent heavy electronica, or anything with a lot of bass, something to push people back. NIN's Ghosts would work perhaps.

    • strspn says:

      If you tried to play music with that without being aware of how to minimize acoustic interference, their would be too much cross-wave distortion. If you know how to harmonize the phases, you can spacialize it -- easier with a smaller number of speakers, by far.

      However, this isn't about music as much as it's about sculpture.

      All the cool audio math folks have a different way of integrating phase. I should learn more about spacialization and what it would take to get good sound quality out of something that multi-speakered. I suppose you would want to alternate between a few loud speakers at a time with most soft. It depends on the volume and surface composition of the room, the average distance of a listener, and the frequency response and distortion curves of each speaker.

      • This is true and I was way too tired to consider such when I wrote that. My brain was just like hey you know what'd be cool and I spilled it forth unthinkingly.

        Although, I think I'd even like the distort better than that half-hearted beeping drone. The effect of the sound as is just doesn't match the visual effect of the wall, to me.. Which may be the intent. Still feels a bit limp on the aural side to me, is all.

        I must learn some of this audio geek stuff myself. More knowledge is always better.

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