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The Fall: Very pretty. Basically the same movie as Pan's Labyrinth (which I hated), but with more interesting and less despicable characters.

Prince Caspian: I've already forgotten it.

The Incredible Hulk: A lot better than the first one, but it's no Iron Man.

Get Smart: Pretty funny. Please keep in mind that the original tv show was much, much worse than you remember, so there was literally nowhere to go but up.

War Inc: Deeply weird. It starts off as a political satire, then it takes a sharp left turn into bugfuck-crazytown. Which is not a bad thing. It got nutty enough that it started reminding me of Southland Tales (which I hated), but it was much better.

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9 Responses:

  1. goldenmean says:

    Far more so than Southland Tales, War Inc. most reminded me of Walker, which is worth a watch, if you haven't already. The criterion edition has got a pretty decent commentary track as well if you're at all into such things.

  2. lnghnds says:

    Please keep in mind that the original tv show was much, much worse than you

    In my heart, I know that must be true, but don't want to believe it!

  3. defenestr8r says:

    ...and War Inc featured Gram Rabbit!

  4. jayp39 says:

    Have you seen Tideland? I suspect you would like it. I suggest it to friends as a good alternative to Pan's Labyrinth.

    Have you seen The Golden Compass? It's about a billion times better than Prince Caspian.

    • jwz says:

      Tideland was... ok. I didn't like it that much, but I wouldn't say it was a bad movie. I found it really hard to sit through, though. But I'm glad that Gilliam is still able to make real movies, because I had suspected that the atrocity of Brothers Grimm meant that his brain had turned completely to mush and that was it.

      Golden Compass was bullshit. Forgettable as the Narnia movies were, they were both better.

  5. marnanel says:

    I loved The Fall. I have to wonder how much of the kid's dialogue was scripted and how much ad lib.