neave television

I think this might be the best thing in the history of things.

Other nice things.

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9 Responses:

  1. jsbowden says:

    I didn't need to get any work done today anyway...

  2. gths says:

    Can't... stop... watching...

  3. ultranurd says:

    I could watch that for a while. Amid the craziness, about 4 in I got one of my favorite clips from "Rejected".

  4. mc_kingfish says:

    I literally had to pull my own head away from the screen with both hands. That is terrifyingly wonderful.

  5. No worky on my FF3. :(

  6. deathcircle says:

    damn it looped already

    i thought of this exact thing when i was playing with stumble video, on a good day the random videos load and autoplay about this fast

  7. pdkl95 says:

    Oooo.... the "alien hunting scene" from Dark Star...

    This is pretty strange, even for my jaded-internet-user standards.