mixtape 037

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 037.

Time to get your goth on!

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  1. ghewgill says:

    I just realized that although I have, uh, a time machine that lets me listen to audio for mixtapes older than two weeks, it doesn't show me the song names. Pity.

    • fnivramd says:

      Can your time machine also travel to parallel dimensions? In my parallel dimension someone who actually isn't JWZ created a Blogspot about JWZ mix tapes (with an unimaginative name) that lists all the artists and track titles. If this were happening in the dimension where JWZ is reading this, he might have some legal obligation to shut it down or something tiresome, but I'm sure it isn't, so there's no need for him to even check.

      In other time traveller news, yesterday's Doctor Who sucked. Crossovers are almost always the lamest things you can do in a comic book, and they're no less lame here. Do pre-teens enjoy the mild peril of "Sarah Jane adventures"? Do old women with too many cats cackle at "Torchwood"? Probably, but leave these lame spin-offs out of my Doctor Who. And the techno-babble was more painful than usual.

      • ghewgill says:

        Ah yes, by taking a 90 degree turn in a suitable direction through spacetime, my time machine appears to be able to successfully access the correct parallel dimension. Thanks for that.

        As for Doctor Who, I shall have to wait six months or so until it airs on this side of the planet. Unless, that is, my time machine can be adjusted to point toward the future. I must work on that feature.

  2. defenestr8r says:

    what? did the world run out of *new* music?

  3. bitwise says:

    Slightly offtopic: Meg Lee Chin has released some new tracks, and there's an upcoming album!

  4. ashura93 says:

    It's amazing how many bands can make a living aping SoM doing Louie Louie!

  5. ashura93 says:

    Had a good listen. Most enjoyable. Thanks.

    Have you heard 'Heilige Tod - a Tribute to Death in June', it has a similar daft-goth feel to it. Yes, i mock but mostly myself.


  6. benediktus says:

    that's a good one... full of old friends, long time not heard of.
    i still marvel at the rosetta stone track. thank you! and i really
    like to see a sequel.

    mayhaps throw in some autumn or dreadful shadows next time ftw.

  7. perligata says:

    I just got around to listening to this yesterday, and it was pretty great! It was interesting to me how (mostly) indistinguishable a lot of the voices were though -- I think I see what you mean about the male vocalists not having as much range, or at least not using what they have as well as the females do.