mixtape 034

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 034. Middle English controllen, from Anglo-Norman contreroller, from Medieval Latin contrarotulus "a counter, register," from Latin contra- "against" + rotulus, diminutive of rota "wheel". From a medieval method of checking accounts by a duplicate register.
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10 Responses:

  1. killbox says:

    Sofar so good, I had automatically gone to the mixtapes site a few hours ago, and must have just missed it by meer moments.

  2. hasimir says:

    I'm surprised there's no Barry Adamson with Set the Controls for the Heart of the Pelvis. ;)

  3. capo_mojo says:

    EBN: Electronic Behavior Control System

  4. tooluser says:

    Also decent for annoying the neighbors while cleaning the house like a speed freak. Thanks.

  5. waider says:

    Found lots of "must listen to more of this" on this mix. Good one.

  6. timculver says:

    Who is this guy who sounds exactly like Peter Gabriel? Oh.

    The Epoxies -> Devo transition works well. Don't worry about overusing "Uncontrollable Urge," it never gets old.

  7. eqe says:

    This is my favorite mixtape since sometime in the teens. But then, I'm a sucker for trancey backing tracks with repetitive processed vocals, and that's verily the definition of "control".

    (I seem to recall some discussion of embedding metadata (id3?) in the mp3 stream so that a streaming player would be able to tell me the current title without me having to add up playtimes manually -- did anything come of that?)

  8. wlach says:

    This one was awesome, though I'm surprised you didn't include "She's Lost Control" by Joy Division. Too trite?

  9. psr says:

    I love this "She Wants Revenge - Out of Control" track.

    If there were tools to trivially download streaming mp3 audio - and I'm not saying that there are - I would have listened to it about six times in a row by now.