"Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair."


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  1. giles says:

    Needs more transvestites.

  2. kallisti says:

    That is the scariest thing I have seen all week!


  3. latemodel says:

    The Kelly Deal 6000. Now that's scary.

  4. bax says:

    My God.

  5. phreddiva says:

    I keep hitting refresh but it won't go away.

  6. phoenixredux says:

    I'm surprised he's not using the carpool lane.

    • 33mhz says:

      Man, now I'm picturing an Eddie Murphy remake of Zardoz where he plays all the roles himself.

  7. ultranurd says:

    That seems like a complicated thing to build to promote what appears to be a really crappy movie.

    • xinit says:

      The crappier the movie, the large the fake head...

      I'm a bit surprised it isn't bigger...

  8. intoner says:

    I'm just thinking about how awesome it would be to drive that around...

  9. doctorfedora says:

    I think I'm feeling the wrong sort of despair.

  10. mactavish says:

    This reminds me delightfully of Bowfinger.

  11. misterfister666 says:


  12. chuck_lw says:

    "No no no! You're supposed to deliver that to the parallel universe where Eddie Murphy was martyred and deified. Here, let me help you -- I can open a trans-dimensional gate for you. Hold on..."

  13. holywar says:

    The worst part is that there are apparently more than one of these; I just saw it in Atlanta on Monday.

  14. mc_kingfish says:

    Imagine when Heston finds _that_ at the end of "Planet of the Apes."

  15. jbacardi says:


  16. livingvodou says:


  17. drjohn says:

    I kinda want to climb it, wherever it ends up.

  18. korgmeister says:

    This SO needs to be posted on 4chan.

  19. jbacardi says:


    I promise- no more caps.

  20. mcity says:

    It's like staring into the sun.

  21. valacosa says:

    Your quote choice for the title of this entry is awesome.

    Also, of the 57,100 Google matches for the phrase, you are currently second.