I, for one, welcome our new binge-drinking Spirit Dwarf overlords

Protests over pub's topless 'spirit dwarf'

A pub promotion involving a bare-chested and top-hatted dwarf walking the length of a bar pouring free booze down the throats of patrons has drawn protests from alcohol education campaigners.

The Jagermeister promotion has been on one night a week at The Saint in St Kilda, Melbourne, the Port Phillip Leader reports.

Jagermeister distanced itself from the promotion, which follows the Federal Government's campaign to clamp down on binge-drinking.

The Saint management declined to comment about whether the Wednesday party nights could contravene new laws preventing irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

Albert Park MP Martin Foley called it an "outrageous" and "offensive" example of the binge-drinking culture.

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14 Responses:

  1. loic says:

    I'm homesick.

  2. dali_drama says:

    so when can we expect a "spirit dwarf" at ye olde DNA?

  3. gths says:

    "Compliments of the MGT!"

  4. rawdogue says:

    Now, see, I can understand if the protest was about the use of Jagermeister...

  5. elusis says:

    My spirit dwarf can beat up your spirit animal.

  6. hasimir says:

    I think I saw that Spirit Dwarf last Christmas dressed as an elf and promoting something else. It wasn't a sight I was prepared for en route to work.

  7. Albert Park MP Martin Foley called it an "outrageous" and "offensive" example of the binge-drinking culture.

    From an Australian MP, is that a criticism or a commendation? I can't tell.

  8. poisonedpure says:

    Later on that night, after a night of heavy midget binge drinking then like nothing more than to don a hard hat and do it like the big men do.Yeah, they're right. Binge drinking is really bad for your health.

  9. Ah, I miss St Kilda.

  10. strathmeyer says:

    In Pittsburgh, they do this on Mondays at Casey's in the South Side, but you don't have to settle for Jager.

  11. reify says:

    Huh. There's a frat boy bar in Chicago that does this too, except the dwarf is also one of the owners.

  12. laptop006 says:

    And of course I've just come back from a pub in St Kilda (Pint on Punt for the -1 people who care). Why do I always here about these things too late.

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