I, for one, continue to welcome our new helical spirochete-like amphibious overlords.


ACM-R5 is equipped with paddles and passive wheels around the body. To generate propulsive force by undulation, the robot need a resistance property as it glides freely in tangential direction but cannot in normal direction. Due to the paddles and passive wheels, ACM-R5 obtains that character both in water and on ground.

Each joint unit has CPU, battery, motors, so they can operate independently. Through communication lines each unit exchanges signals and automatically recognizes its number from the head, and how many units join the system. Thanks to this system operators can remove, add, and exchange units freely and they can operate ACM-R5 flexibly according to situations.

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9 Responses:

  1. cjensen says:

    Today on jwz's journal I learned about a variation of the "uncanny valley" called the "that scares me" valley. I also learned that I will be having nightmares about megasized-Gould symbiotes tonight.

  2. xrayspx says:

    Dear Japanese People,

    Thank you for dooming our species with your invention of independently articulated, multi-modal, laser guided AI Sandworm killing machines.

  3. divergio says:

    This thing is frankly rather frightening. It's like a poisonous robot sea snake.

    It moves so confidently. None of the awkwardness of land robots.

    • cetan says:

      [[It moves so confidently. None of the awkwardness of land robots]]

      Indeed. This is probably the element that clinches my fear of this device so tightly around my throat...

  4. deathcircle says:

    yesssss hello squidy

  5. babasyzygy says:

    Oh, thank you so much for the Battle of the Planets flashbacks, Zoltar.

  6. spendocrat says:

    I find its ability to back up terrifying.

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