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These are the movies at this year's Hole in the Head that I saw and deemed good. (I'm going to just try and forget the ones that sucked instead of micro-reviewing them.) Some of these might still be playing. (There are also a few left in the festival that I haven't seen yet).

The Machine Girl

    Awesome. This is the movie that Planet Terror wished it was.

Brain Dead

    A lot of fun in the way that Evil Dead 2 and Night of the Creeps were fun.

Exte: Hair Extensions

    Killer hair extensions! Hairy tongues! Hair that bleeds!


    A formerly-conjoined twin is (maybe) haunted by her dead sister. The ending is a little predictable, but it was well done.

Atom Nine Adventures

    A fun 30s-scifi-serial style flick made with no money. Has the kind of campy earnestness that Raiders of the Lost Ark did.

The Gene Generation

    Ok I said I wasn't going to review the movies that sucked, but seriously, stay the hell away from this one. This was some serious bullshit. It wasn't even as good as Gunhed or Death Machine, which movies it desperately wanted to be. And yes, those movies sucked too. But this not only sucked but was also completely redundant.

I didn't review any of last year's Hole Head movies, so better late than never I guess. Here are the ones that I remember being worthwhile. There may have been more, but their web site has gone stale, so I can't look up the schedule to figure that out.

Murder Party

    A bunch of art-school douchebags decide to kill someone for an art project. Hijinks ensue. Hilarious if you enjoy seeing art school douchebags get gored.

Blood Car

    In the Peak Oil future, nerd figures out that his car runs on blood, gets babes. Pretty funny.

El Muerto

    This was, basically, The Crow in Mexico. But it was pretty good. Certainly better than any of the "real" Crow sequels.

The Man from Earth

    A bunch of people sit around and talk to their friend who claims to be thousands of years old. It's a lot more compelling than it sounds.
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11 Responses:

  1. artkiver says:

    Huh, apparently it's sfindie.com not .org

    I didn't realize the gene generation was even out, good to know (and to avoid I guess, too bad).

    Funny that someone would call a movie Brain Dead in this day and age, but I guess Peter Jackson wasn't so well known at one point, and in the US they called it Dead Alive.

    Thanks for the mention of the festival, I had no idea this was going on!

    • jwz says:

      I have seen at least three different movies called Brain Dead. Yes. Please stop calling your movie that.

  2. ivorjawa says:

    I hadn't realized anyone even still remembered Night of the Creeps.
    I have a bad bittorrented copy, ripped from a bad VHS tape. I'd desperately love a DVD release of that one.
    Fine space slug zombies there.

  3. jesus_x says:

    I loved this movie, to say it's more compelling than it sounds is an understatement. I think they did the story perfect justice. I recommend it to everyone.

  4. belgand says:

    Machine Girl is already out on DVD. Actually, if came out about a week or so before it opened at Hole in the Head. Netflix probably didn't order very many copies so it's been taking some time to find it's way to me though.

    That and Exte were just about the only films that looked worth going to this year. Especially considering how amazingly broke I am. Exte will probably make it to video sooner or later and Machine Girl... if I'd moved faster on it I could have seen it earlier on video.

    I understand the problems of festivals and the costs involved, but it would certainly be nice if I wasn't paying the same $10 or so that I am for ridiculously overpriced general release films. Recent indiefest programs have only even had about half of the films making the "looks interesting" list if that making a full pass (assuming I could even consider paying that much) not entirely worth it either.

    This year's Primitive Screwheads show sounded like it was going for way too much of a stretch in doing Indiana Jones. Yeah, they want to link it to the new film, but it just doesn't feel like it would translate to their style very well at all. A revival of the original Evil Dead show though....

  5. Dude! The Machine Girl rocks. Thanks for the review...

  6. morrisa says:

    "Alone" reminds me, On the Sundance channel last week I saw the movie "Brothers of the Head," 2006. It's set in the seventies, and is about a pair of cojoined twins who are more or less bought by a record company exec, turned into lead singers for a band, and exploited. It was listed as a comedy, but it was pretty bleak. I think it'd make a good triple feature with "Freaks" and "Velvet Goldmine."

  7. discogravy says:

    I am eagerly awaiting Italian Spiderman on DVD: