Daft Bodies

Apparently I'm late to the party on this one,
but this is pretty good:

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14 Responses:

  1. aralis says:

    Love that song...and that vid is pretty cool.

  2. skreidle says:

    Ah, Daft Hands is still better. And then check out Kanye Hands. :)

    • jwz says:

      No, it's really not. I know the hands version was first, but it's just dumb.

      • skreidle says:

        I think the ingenuity, speed, and hand choreography on the Hands version is more impressive--and more enjoyable to watch--than the two bored women with body paint (and, admittedly, well-timed choreography.) The sheer speed and accuracy of the hands is such that I don't think I could repeat it; the bodies, well, I'm pretty sure I could, if I were of a mind to.

        And the Kanye hands is entertaining for the smooth video editing that was involved.

  3. gytterberg says:

    The robot walk up to lens to turn the camera off is a nice touch.

  4. lordshell says:

    Weirdly fascinating.

  5. lordshell says:

    Now I've got that verdammt song stuck in my head!

  6. endquote says:

    I watched this, regarded it as awesome, then surfed around youtube in a wikipedia-surfing style, eventually ending up at the "pork and beans" video. When I saw the robot girls there again, I wasn't sure if I should be proud or ashamed that there was at least one meme in that video that I wasn't previously familiar with.

  7. mcity says:

    I'd check the comments on Youtube, but they're doubtless full of poorly spelled variations on how hot these two girls are.

    That said, it worries me that you have a "robots" tag.

  8. fantasygoat says:

    I'm sure it doesn't hurt that they have nice figures.

  9. ultranurd says:

    I made my own MP3 ringtone from the Daft Punk version, and now everyone thinks I have a Kanye West ringtone. Definitely not what I was going for.

    Funny to see them in the Weezer "my god it's full of internets" Pork & Beans video.