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  1. kevinspencer says:

    Again, another fine name for a band.

  2. d1sgruntle says:

    beefbunny: the word I'll use whenever I remove anything from my RSS reader in fear of stumbling upon it while at work.

    For a guy that's big on making fun of furries, you sure do repost your share. Isn't there some tentacle porn you're missing out on?

    • giles says:

      How do you make fun of it without reposting it?

      "Hey, you guys know that picture of the bunny with the hoses and the statue peeing on the woman? Funny stuff. LOLZ."

  3. mobiletash says:

    OMG That's just too funny.

  4. djinnaya says:

    "Rich people sure are different!" - Katamari Damacy

  5. For this morning's amusement, I prefer Mr Widget, the UPS poo.

  6. rzrxtion says:


  7. pozorvlak says:

    Why no "perversions" tag?

  8. a_dead_bird says:

    Looks like this could be an ad for Diesel clothing.... I thought it was til I saw the lack of jeans, and the super high heel shoes.