Spore + Porn = Sporn

A Beginners Guide To Sporn
"Since the Spore demo's release, it's become a bukkake wave sweeping the web: comedy pornographic images via Spore. Spornography - aka "Sporn". Has it reached a climax yet? We don't know, but we think it's as good a time as any to stop and survey the lie of the land. And, yes, it's sticky."

Most of the videos have been deleted already; get them while they're... uh... hot?

Also: Reverse Cowgirl brings us Sea Urchin Bukkake for Overwhelming Win.

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mixtape 036

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 036. I have three things to point out here. 1) Heartsrevolution is deeply weird, you need to google that shit; 2) The Ting Tings kind of freak me out in that A) I really love the album but B) I discovered them by seeing their video on MTV, which is like, what is this, 1987 again? That doesn't happen anymore! Anyway, if you're gonna Tivo some MTV, "Subterranean" is the new 120; And 3) I went to high school with  REDACTED .
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