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Dear Lazyweb,

How do I mute the "Line In" audio input on MacOS 10.4 (a G4 tower) without physically unplugging a cable? Doing this:

    osascript -e 'set volume input volume 0'

has the effect of moving the "Input Volume" slider in Preferences/Sound all the way to the left. However, that does not silence the audio, it only reduces it slightly.

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it's like a white blood cell distillery

Cancer patient recovers after injection of immune cells

A cancer patient has made a full recovery after being injected with billions of his own immune cells in the first case of its kind, doctors have disclosed. The 52-year-old, who was suffering from advanced skin cancer, was free from tumours within eight weeks of undergoing the procedure.

After two years he is still free from the disease which had spread to his lymph nodes and one of his lungs. Doctors took cells from the man's own defence system that were found to attack the cancer cells best, cloned them and injected back into his body.


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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Abridged Script


PRODUCER FRANK MARSHALL immediately proves his commitment to using CGI "only when necessary" by featuring completely necessary CGI prairie dogs in the first shot of the movie.


Pryvet, Harrison. I am evil Soviet. You vill help me find Moose and Squirrel, yes?


Holy Christ, you're not going to talk like that the whole movie are you?


Da. You vill help locate MacKuffin now.



This may be the best resignation letter ever written.

But WTF is the big idea with posting an IMAGE of an EMAIL?
(My theory is, "Oook ook! Gossip monkey thinks it will generate more hits!" Ass.)