Hatebeak 2

American Cyborg:

The bird of prey was slowly starving to death after a poacher shot her upper beak off three years ago. But thanks to a team of volunteers an artificial beak has been attached to the 15-pound eagle helping her to grasp food.

Jane Fink Cantwell who found the bird scrounging for food and slowly starving at a landfill in Alaska said: "A bullet had to be removed from her curved upper beak, leaving her tongue and sinuses exposed, with a stump useless for grasping food. Eating with her beak was like using one chopstick. She also had trouble drinking and couldn't preen her feathers."

Despite the success of the operation, the bird will never be released back into the wild because she has spent too much time with humans and the final beak will not be strong enough to tear flesh from prey.


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