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Iron Man was so awesome that I almost wish I was sober for it.
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  1. jwm says:

    I wish I was drunk when I saw it. Then the Idiot Ball slapstick, shitty villain dialogue and the live action introducing unwelcome realism would have vanished in an alcoholic haze, leaving only the majesty of robots fighting.

    • xenogram says:

      Personally, I was stupid when I watched it, and the drunken slapstick, shitty robot dialog and the unwelcome action vanished in a villainous haze, leaving only the awesome majesty of idiots fighting.

      I liked the explosions.

  2. giles says:

    Just tell everyone you saw it in StarkVisionâ„¢.

  3. bifrosty2k says:

    Did it turn into The Ironman Snake on a Plane?

  4. rpkrajewski says:

    Brevity is the soul.

  5. kraquehaus says:

    @jwz That just means you get to see it again with further clarity!

  6. rawdogue says:

    MC 900 Ft Jesus? Christ, I'm old.

  7. holywar says:

    ...let me fix it for you:

    "Iron Man >= Pruno"