The Kills

Who needs a drummer?

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8 Responses:

  1. korgmeister says:

    Drum machines FTW!

  2. deathcircle says:

    I just saw fantastic magic play, and their only drum is a dholak

  3. jwm says:

    Bands with robot drummers would be much more awesome if they made them look like robot drummers; for example:

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  4. gths says:

    One of things that I wish that had come out of the late 80s was a updated take on the drum battles as engaged by Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, only this time the combatants would've been Doctor Nightmare and Doktor Avalanche.

  5. kraquehaus says:

    Maybe they just need a hole in that sheet.
    (At least it would be a kosher way to see the drummer.)

  6. We didn't. For years. Drummers take up too much space. Other bands who HAVE drummers love when you open for them, coz then they don't have to strike their drum kit. We got a lot of gigs that way....