Oh look, /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles is zero length with a write date of 1970. Oh look, so is /etc/named.conf. This is going to be a long day.
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  1. jered says:

    Are you running reiserfs?

    • autopope says:

      I thought reiserfs was meant to murder your wife, not your data. (It's a non-relational filesystem, right? So it won't touch your kids, just your estranged -- hey, what's that you're throwing at me?)

      • jered says:

        It's a multitasker.

        The reason I ask is because of the odd behavior that reiserfs has with short files, or file "tails". It tries to be efficient by collecting them together into single disk blocks, which is clever... except that it can lead to data corruption of small files that were not being modified at the time of a crash.

        This hit a friend of mine hard, in the "can't boot my system because critical config files that haven't been changed in years are corrupted" way. He complained about it, and got into a very long argument with Hans Reiser, which ended with Hans saying something along the lines of, "If you want a reliable file system because you're too cheap to buy a UPS, go use something else. Reiserfs is designed to be fast."

        • autopope says:

          Dude, that was a pun. (Data ... Daughter ... ahforgeddit ...!)

        • lionsphil says:

          Aha! So it's NOT just its tendency to throw away the journal and not bother to fsck on the boot following a crash that caused that! I ran ReiserFS 3 for a few years, and this took out my damn browser profile and e-mail a few times. Thank goodness for IMAP.

          ResierFS 4 sounds like it's got some neat design elements, and it's nice to see people trying to do something more advanced than "ext2 with bigger numbers", but I have no confidence in Namesys' work any more.

      • valacosa says:

        Hans Reiser means they'll probably have to redo this quiz.

  2. msjen says:

    Wow, that's exactly what I was thinking.


  3. I've been reading your posts recently, and it occured to me that you're having a contemplative day in front of your computer just like me. Happy Sunday.

  4. autopope says:


    Reminds me that on my next colo box, /etc is going under subversion control. Unless it's a Mac, in which case Time Machine will do the job.

    • netik says:

      Consider using Puppet instead of subversion for this sort of job.

      • freiheit says:

        But, of course, puppet itself needs to be under version control.

        And having puppet add subversion to /etc/ for all systems isn't a bad idea.

        • bifrosty2k says:

          ruby and retard share something - they start with R, are RETARDED, and RETARDS use ruby for important things. Ruby is such a crappy language when it comes to network communication and stability, you'd be better off using Perl.

      • autopope says:

        Ew! Ruby!

        Is there a Perl equivalent? (Preferably in Perl 4?)

    • Dunno; I've heard enough wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from coworkers' offices that I wouldn't want to rely on Time Machine for important stuff just yet.

    • babbage says:

      etckeeper does this, but I only started using it 3 days ago, so don't expect an endorsement yet.

    • muerte says:

      /etc is pretty small. What's wrong with a daily or weekly tar job to just keep the whole damn thing. Prolly easier than setting up SVN for that. I don't make enough changes in my /etc directory to make tracking changes worthwhile.

  5. injector says:

    So other than that, how are you liking the new Portishead?

    If it was just a random album I found I'd say it was good, not amazing, but very listenable. Just being from Portishead I was hoping for something a little more...Portisheady.

  6. h1ldur79 says:

    Nice userpic!