Summer appears to be over. Wearing shorts anyway. Shorts of denial.
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  1. simoncion says:

    Ha! That's what you get for living in SF.
    Here, in good-ole-boy country, summer has yet to begin! We can expect heat and humidity through the middle of August. (Yee-Haw!)

    • sir_bissel says:

      Heat and humidity through the middle of August? What, are you from Michigan?

      • simoncion says:

        Neh, Northern Alabama!
        It's great! Really! (...not really...)

        • sir_bissel says:

          Can't be much worse than southern Louisiana... right? Right???

          • perligata says:

            I always liked this (incredibly accurate) passage from Tom Robbins's Jitterbug Perfume:

            Lousiana in September was like an obscene phone call from nature. The air -- moist, sultry, secretive, and far from fresh -- felt as if it were being exhaled into one's face.

            Much of the south feels like that in summer. Blech!

            • yakko says:

              Even after having spent many summers in places like Texas, Biloxi and South Carolina, I still never got used to the humidity. It's like a giant outdoor sauna.

              I'm convinced I'll have to move to Montana to escape the Gulf of Mexico.

  2. perligata says:

    It'll get hot again. And if I liked the heat as much as you do, I would use it as an excuse to spend a week or two in the Caribbean. Even the water is like 85F there! (There are some parts of the Gulf of Mexico that get up to ~90F. And the sand is actually white sand, not this bullshit dirt we've got here.)

  3. kimberley66 says:

    Tragic indeed :~(

  4. lnghnds says:

    Similarly, I am eating ice cream of denial.

  5. mc_kingfish says:

    Don't forget the Wistful Flip-Flops of Waning Hope.

  6. So much for commando. Glad I had a chance
    to get the longjohns into the wash, though.

  7. smitty1e says:

    I thumb my nose at the weather in all seasons.
    Every Friday is Hawaiian print day.

  8. belgand says:

    I too am still wearing shorts of denial. Maybe, just maybe, if I wish hard enough it will change.

    It's sad to think that even if we bubble-domed the city people would still complain and demand that we turn the climate control down to a foggy 62.

    At times like these I almost go so far as to start envying Oakland.

  9. evan says:

    It was toasty today in Dolores park. Shirtless weather, even.

  10. inoci says:

    this was especially shocking to me as i arrived in town in 90 degree weather and just a day or so later i was freezing my nads off. fun times, especially when your public transit system shat itself this morning. i can't complain much about that though, where i come from we don't even try to have a working bus system.

    your san francisco climate confuses and bewilders my midwestern sensibilities.

    still, you have nice museums with decent climate control.

    on another note, what happens at the dna lounge on nights where there is no event scheduled?

  11. zebe says:

    I approve of the use of LJ to publish this twitter-like content.

  12. phreddiva says:

    Someday, you will venture to the east bay, where it will be summer through September.

    We also have good coffee shops & a Burma SuperStar here. :)