Photos of TV


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  1. codehenge says:

    That's probably referring to Big Bone Lick State Park, which is conveniently located near Beaverlick.

    Who knew Kentucky was such a progressive state?

  2. pozorvlak says:

    Is it just me, or does "Joe Winiecki" (top right) look an awful lot like Bruce Schneier?

  3. kumimonster says:

    the sex with a pinata one reminds me of an episode shot for playboy tv's sexcetera. the story was about people who got caught on video having sex.
    the guy worked in a pinata factory for a piddly about of pesos.

    i don't know if it's the same guy though. maybe they know something others don't?

  4. vxo says:

    This just makes me think of Elektrik Musik's TV.. but with more lulz.

  5. aimees says:

    ... the sex with a pinata :)

  6. joel says:

    I dare somebody to assert that these are out of context photos.

  7. fu3dotorg says:

    Viva Piñata, indeed, but they forgot one:

  8. lionsphil says:

    Captured this one off the University digital TV feed:

    The perils of stock scrolling banners.