Today has been the most perfect weather in the history of perfect weather! YES. MORE LIKE THIS. If the weather here was like this all the time, I would be one happy camper. My life would be perfect and I would shit rainbows 24/7, I'm sure. It's 2AM and it's still, like, 70 degrees. GOD BLESS GLOBAL WARMING. Sure, it probably means we're going to be extinct in a couple of decades, but at maybe the weather in San Francisco will cease to suck for a few years in the meantime. You know. Before the food riots, and plagues from the mountains of corpses and whatnot.
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  1. pikuorguk says:

    Same in the UK. It's intensely enjoyable to wake up at 7am and be greeted with sunlight, blue skies and warmth, rather than "grey 50%" filled skies and 10c temperatures. I'm sure some mornings the spaghetti monster forgets to turn on the sky and the heating.

    I like summer, it beats the suicide-inducing darkness of Winter. God I hate waking up at 7am to total darkness and rain. Don't get me wrong, I like darkness, and rain's quite fun too... just not at 7am when I'm slowly waking up.

  2. deathcircle says:

    how can there be food shortages with mountains of corpses
    the heat is effecting your brain

  3. perligata says:

    Do you have air conditioning in your apartment or something? Because I don't and I think this weather is terrible. I woke up sweating this morning, despite all of my windows being open and not using my duvet. Gross. I left Florida in the hopes that I would never sweat again!

  4. rafasgj says:

    In the south of Brazil (expected to be coldest place of Brazil), we have 77 degrees (25C) at 2AM in the summer, more than often.

    We also have 86 degrees (or more) in the middle of the winter one day, and 41 degrees (or less) on the next day.

    The weather here is a complete mess.

  5. jkonrath says:

    Maybe there wouldn't be food shortages if every day was swimsuit season!

  6. lnghnds says:

    Just think, though, if the weather in SF was always like this, we'd have even more people living here. At least that's how I come to peace with the normal shit we have.

    • cattycritic says:

      You have more people living there anyway, with even more to come. Or don't you read the paper?

      Economy sucks balls and still people crowd SF. :P

      • belgand says:

        More housing? All the new housing is bullshit luxury condos. Plus while the economy on the whole might not be based on the housing industry it still managed to hurt my girlfriend who lost her job in environmental regulation as a result of it.

        I do love how these sort of articles always manage to talk about the "good weather" here and as soon as we get actual nice weather they complain that we're in the middle of a heat wave that will soon turn us all into puddles. OMG it's over 80! Since when has any society determined that nice weather is perpetually 62 degrees with fog that can block out the sun for weeks at a time. Where you have to wear a coat and bring a warm blanket to watch fireworks on the fourth of July.

        Do people born and raised in the city even know how to swim?

  7. chromebishop says:

    If it was like this all the time, we'd be living in San Diego. You'd want that?

  8. Heh,
    "You know. Before the food riots, and plagues from the mountains of corpses and whatnot."
    See you have to be positive. "mountains of corpses" - are just ready made sand bags & fertilizer. Plus less people competing in the food riots.
    Food riots - the new sports craze that is sweeping the nation. And coups mulching, the new national pastime. ;)

  9. mc_kingfish says:

    And even as we speak, the Mother of All Fog Banks is building up offshore, ready to plunge us back into our cool and accustomed (and damp) 58-degrees.

  10. aimees says:

    Your posts always make me laugh :p

    This 84F in San Francisco is killing me right now. I'm in the office with my fan on full blast. Apparently, it's supposed to be hot for the rest of the week!

    At least I'm not at home in Vacaville where it's already 95F and 100+ on the weekend :x I woke up sweating bullets last night and had to turn up the A/C!

    • terpsichoros says:

      This 84F in San Francisco is killing me right now.

      I remember a heat wave in the late 1980s. 82 degrees in the Sunset District, and 3-inch headlines on the Examiner screaming "HEAT WAVE". Several little old ladies in the Sunset died from the heat. Srsly.

  11. ~makes capital *D* with arms~

  12. elusis says:

    I would have driven into the city last night to find you in your air-conditioned home and facepunch you, except that it was too fucking hot.

  13. I was born and raised in San Jose, I really like the normal weather in San Francisco.

    You could move down to the San Luis Obispo / five cities area, rather SF like, but warmer. Culture is a bit different though. :-)

  14. liatarded says:

    what have you been smoking? give me back my fog. gimme it now.

  15. 1eyedkunt says:

    the weather in SF is *perfect* and unique. You don't like it you can move just about anywhere else outside of the poles and get your 70 degree nights (and gruesomely hot days) and leave this amazing, temperate, perpetually-springtime climate to those of us who love the chill and the fog.

    • belgand says:

      Spring?!? Where in the hell is the normal weather even remotely springlike? It's more like mid to late fall. When you have to put your shorts away and start wearing a coat all the time. No sensible climate requires you to wear a coat in the middle of summer.

      Days should be mid 70s to low 80s and nights should be in the low 70s.

    • jwz says:

      "Love it or leave it", how original.

      This city has many, many things to recommend it. Climate happens not to be one.

      And as belgand pointed out, you misspelled "late fall" as "springtime".

      • 1eyedkunt says:

        It's a 50/50 mix of spring and fall weather, which is far preferable to freezing your ass off for half the year and sweating it off for the other half. most people get only a few weeks twice a year of the comfortable, temperate climate we enjoy here. It's amazing and wonderful that we get it all year round *and* have easy access to hot or cold when we want to have a taste of it. (drive half an hour eastways and you'll get your 70 degree nights and 100 degree days any time you like during the summer). I think that such a human-friendly climate as sf's is a silly thing to be whining about.

  16. belgand says:

    Glad to hear that someone else isn't totally insane. This is what late Spring/early Summer weather is supposed to be like. Not the week-long grey skies and chilly 60 degree weather. I don't have air conditioning either and I had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I was able to open my windows and when I went out at night I didn't have to put on a coat. Hell, I spent the afternoon hanging out in Delores Park which was probably one of the warmest spots in town.

    If you don't like it you'll have your miserable cold weather back soon enough. Just let the rest of us enjoy our brief chances to experience what summer is like for everyone else in the country. We miss it.

  17. The way I mentally deal with the suck climate is to tell myself that the cool thing is we
    get all four seasons every day: spring in the morning, summer for about 10 minutes
    in the early afternoon, autumn until the winter fog rolls in just before sunset.

    To spend an entire day in the same season, and to have that season be summer!, is
    just so nice.