mixtape 030

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 030.

This one's almost all new stuff, to make up for the fact that the last three have trended toward the old. Generally I've been aiming for the mixtapes to have about 1/3rd new stuff (where "new" means "released in the last three years or so") but that doesn't work out so well when I'm doing goofy themes like "reptiles", or obsolete genres like "vaguely industrial breakbeat".

Do you tend to prefer the mixtapes that are mostly newer stuff, or the ones that are mostly older stuff? I'm guessing that since I've had so many comments from people saying "I've never heard any of this before", most of you don't notice the difference...

Last time I asked whether you thought of this as compilation albums or a radio show. One big difference is that if it was a radio show, I wouldn't be trying as hard to avoid ever playing the same song twice.

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24 Responses:

  1. legooolas says:

    I prefer the older stuff in most cases. But then I've been listening to hours of 80s stuff on the radio recently, and considering buying CDs of some terribly cheesy stuff too. Maybe I'm just getting old :s

  2. waider says:

    Since I don't recognise most of the stuff, it's all new to me. Every so often there's something I'll recognise (such as The Pixies) but mostly I'd have no idea if it was this year or 20 years ago. Particularly given the trends for retreading old music genres.

  3. gwynjudd says:

    I loved the cover of "Modern Love".

  4. ammonoid says:

    Old or new it doesn't matter much to me because I usually end up finding something that is new to me on most of your mixes.

  5. tedlick says:

    I prefer the stuff overall (new and old), for the same reason I subscribe to satellite radio for my commute-- it introduces me to music I haven't heard, presented in a format where someone gave thought to the playlist.

    And while I tend to view these as compilation albums rather than radio shows, there's nothing wrong with replays when the song fits.

    Many thanks for putting these out, I've been enjoying them. Evolution Control Committe's "Rocked by Rape" and the mixtape it was on (#3 I think?) is a standout for my particular tastes, anything more like that? Ditto for the Clock DVA tracks you've featured.

    • waider says:

      Heh. The ECC track is one I've gone back to several times, and I was rather pleased to discover that they're apparently not on an RIAA label and thus compatible with my quixotic music-buying guidelines.

      • tedlick says:

        eMusic ftw!

        • cattycritic says:


          Also: Magnatune

          Alsoaswell: I like the theme mixes, and I like a mix of stuff, period - things I haven't heard, things I have, old, new. I vote for "don't change what you're doing." I suspect this is the most appealing option for you anyway :)

          I too like the idea of a "vaguely industrial breakfast" mixtape. Am looking forward to obscure, danceable songs about pancakes and bacon Real Soon Now.

  6. davachu says:

    Just keep picking songs with "fuck" in the lyrics and we'll be fine. It's practically a drinking game.

  7. pfrank says:

    I like a good mix of the older and newer stuff. Most of the older stuff has been things I've already had so far, but on occasion I've still found something I always meant to pick up but just forgot about. But I do like hearing stuff I've never heard before, and newer stuff seems to have a larger percentage of that.

  8. twid says:

    I really liked this one, immediately went out and downloaded the "Cassettes Won't Listen" on Amazon. Good stuff. I like the mix of fairly-obscure old and new stuff, no need to focus all on old or new in my opinion.

  9. kevinspencer says:

    I like the mixtapes with a balance of old and new. What I'm really after is exposure to bands I've never heard of. Or heard *of* but never heard anything *by*. Decade irrelevant really. And you're delivering nicely. I recommend no change to the format.

    • Ditto; "I've heard of this band but never actually heard their music (except anonymously)" is what I enjoy getting from these mixtapes.

      I hadn't thought of approaching them as a radio show but I think that works better than as a series of compilations.

  10. radparker says:

    I think I think of this as a mix tape; a compilation album, moreso than a radio show. Thanks, btw. Much enjoyment was had.

  11. pavel_lishin says:

    I thought you said "vaguely industrial breakfast". I've never been more disappointed.

  12. capo_mojo says:

    I think of it as a compilation album. As for new vs. old, well, I'm with the "I've not heard most of this before" crowd. It's out of my usual realm. I haven't bothered to give you feedback on "hey, try listening to " because I think you would hate it (based on one offhand comment dissing "100,000 Fireflies").

    But, have you heard The Walkmen? Since you included The Raveonettes in at least one mixtape, you might like them.

    I tried to embed a video but I suck, so here's a link:


  13. discogravy says:

    I like that the years are posted w/ the songs, but unless I know a particular song or group (whale, machines of loving grace etc) it's all new to me. I just like being able to look at the playlist and say "whoa, that's from '84?!"

    I don't think the occasional repeat song is a bad thing, especially if it really fits with a theme or genre mix (which I really love when you do those btw).

  14. incster says:

    I prefer the mostly new, with something that I can relate to mixed in. Seeing some obscure song that I know inspires me to listen to the rest.

  15. I strongly prefer the new stuff, because it exposes me to new bands to build on for the future. A bit better than reflecting on the past; I have plenty of music from the past.

  16. capo_mojo says:

    Just got to the tail end of this one and found the Let's Go Sailing track. Didn't peg you for an indie-pop guy. But if you found that listenable (I found it rather enjoyable and added them to my eMusic queue), you might also like Stars. Or not, but you're the one asking for recommendations here.


    (skip straight to 1:07 to avoid the self-indulgent music-free intro portion of this music video...I'm sure you've seen a guy riding a bus before).

    They do a great live show, best described as "earnestly Canadian." Very high on the "we're just happy to be here" meter.

  17. waider says:

    Listening to the Bitter:Sweet track on this this morning; the riff they're using is a Dr. Dre staple, albeit rearranged rather than simply reused. I know of at least two other tracks that use it: Dre's "What's The Difference?" and Blue Cantrell's "Breathe" - I think the latter is produced by Dre, and certainly the music is a direct lift from the Dre track complete with out-of-context sound effects. I've a vague suspicion that Eve, another of Dre's producees (?) used it as well. It's an oddly distinctive piece of brass, and I really like the version Dre used. Youtubery here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvgqBDk2kbc