diagnosis: fashion crime

The thin, glittery rollerdisco headband appears to have metastasized into the Body Hipster. I've been seeing it for about a year, but as of the last month or so, the problem appears to be chronic. I recommend radiation, and lots of it.

Also Datarock suck.


14 Responses:

  1. latemodel says:

    Really? They've been flirting with the leather thong hippie headband since I moved here, but it's never quite stuck. I'm shocked to hear that they've moved on to harder drugs.

  2. netik says:

    Yeah, but who's infested us with the fucking slit-sunglasses?

    Those things suck.

  3. giles says:

    Did that guy just say rings are cool?

    No, he said they're stupid.


  4. ywwg says:

    since I'm living in a clearly less-hip city, can someone post an image example of one of these?

  5. belgand says:

    I think this is all just part of a sinister plot to make the future look more like it did in Back to the Future II.