how transgressive

Why is it that the Fillmore and Warfield are always filled with giant clouds of pot smoke, regardless of musical genre, but this doesn't happen at other venues, even sold out shows in other under-21 rooms?

Is it because with less than 1200 people, there's some minimum number of fratboy meatheads that is missing?


Indiana Jones and the Broken Condom

In case there was any doubt, let me assure you that the new Indy movie is made of FAIL. Not the kind of "takes a runny shit on your hopes and dreams" fail of which Temple of Doom was made, but some pretty heroic FAIL nonetheless.

This movie felt like Indiana Jones / Stargate SG-1 fanfic, except that every episode of SG-1 ever made was better. And didn't include the walking dishrag of a sidekick they apparently intend to hang the franchise on now.


diagnosis: fashion crime

The thin, glittery rollerdisco headband appears to have metastasized into the Body Hipster. I've been seeing it for about a year, but as of the last month or so, the problem appears to be chronic. I recommend radiation, and lots of it.

Also Datarock suck.


cell phone in microwave


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