mixtape 030

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 030.

This one's almost all new stuff, to make up for the fact that the last three have trended toward the old. Generally I've been aiming for the mixtapes to have about 1/3rd new stuff (where "new" means "released in the last three years or so") but that doesn't work out so well when I'm doing goofy themes like "reptiles", or obsolete genres like "vaguely industrial breakbeat".

Do you tend to prefer the mixtapes that are mostly newer stuff, or the ones that are mostly older stuff? I'm guessing that since I've had so many comments from people saying "I've never heard any of this before", most of you don't notice the difference...

Last time I asked whether you thought of this as compilation albums or a radio show. One big difference is that if it was a radio show, I wouldn't be trying as hard to avoid ever playing the same song twice.

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