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Most amazing disk data recovery ever

Columbia's fragments were painstakingly and exhaustively collected. Amongst them was a 400MB Seagate hard drive which was in the sort of shape you think it would be in after being in an explosive fire and then hurled to earth from several miles up with a ferocious impact.

The Johnson Space Centre workers analysing the shuttle crash sent it off the CVX-2 (Critical Viscosity of Xenon) experiment engineers, who sent it on to Kroll Ontrack in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to see if the data, any data, could be recovered. For researcher Robert Berg and his team it was the only hope, a terribly slim hope, of salvaging significant data from the experiment looking at Xenon gas flows in microgravity.

The Kroll people managed to recover 90 percent or so of the 400MB of data from the drive with its cracked and burned casing.

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oh interweb. you are truly a cornucopia

"I have pubic lice in my mailbox":
Remember the crazy guy who claims he has specially bred giant Japanese crab lice that don't bite? And that they make great pets? ("Like Sea Monkeys in Your Pants!")

stupid ssh.

Dear Lazyweb,

I suspect the answer to this is also "Apple horked it in a recent security update", but I still desire to know how to fix it. Lately, when I'm doing rsync+ssh backups of various machines, ssh craps out partway through. Ssh is running on MacOS 10.4 PPC (OpenSSH 4.7p1) with the latest updates, and is aimed at at various Linuxen that haven't been upgraded since, say, 2005 (OpenSSH 4.3). It dies like so:

    rsync [...]
    building file list ... done
    ...dozens of files get transferred successfully...
    Disconnecting: Bad packet length 787964.

It's dying after transferring a bunch of data, not during connection setup. Both side are most assuredly speaking SSH2.

Googling this error message only results in very old threads where people say, "Oh, that's because you're using SSH2! You should use SSH1 instead." This answer is clearly bullshit. What's the real fix?

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