Stupid Flash.

Dear Lazyweb, lately (this month-ish) I'm seeing that "A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 9 to run slowly" dialog all the time. Safari will go all hypnowheel for 5-10 seconds, and then that dialog appears, giving me the options of "break the web page" or "go back to the hypnowheel for another ten seconds, then everything's fine." Who broke what? No scratch that, just tell me how to fix it.
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DNA Lounge: Wherein it is noted that our 27B stroke 6 has not been stamped.

Prepare yourselves for a shock -- our ABC hearing has been postponed again! After submitting our request for a hearing in November, it was originally scheduled for mid-April, and got postponed to mid-May for unspecified "scheduling problems". Now, after seeing the discovery on our expert witnesses, ABC's attorney says that he couldn't possibly respond in time. And the next date we could get on the court's calendar is in July. So that's eight months' worth of speedy justice so far. Seventeen months if you start counting from when we filed our permit application in February 2007.

That part about "prepare yourself for a shock?" Naah, this should shock no one. I assume that this stalling tactic is just another part of their attempted war of attrition. It's the favorite tactic of every bureaucracy, since they're never in any hurry, and the longer they can stall, the more chance that we'll just go away, right?


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i love your club
excuse my beauty


Isabella Rossellini Bug Porn now available


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Step into my office

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