Boomerangs work in SPACE!

Who knew.
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DNA Lounge: Wherein we feed you for free! And also Flash video.

Some things:

Thanks to the help of the fine folks at Justin.TV, the Flash-based webcast seems to be a lot more stable now, so I've made it a bit more obvious on the webcast page. Next time we're open and you're watching the webcast, give the Flash version a try instead of the RealVideo version, and let me know if it seems notably better or worse.

Also: FREE FOOD this Saturday at New Wave City! We're trying to build awareness of the fact that we have a kitchen now, so this Saturday starting at 11PM, we'll be serving up food for free from 11pm until supplies run out. Burritos, quesadillas, sausages, nachos, etc.

Come hungry!

Besides trying to make more people aware that our kitchen actually exists, the other reason we're doing this is that our appeal hearing for the under-21 permits is coming up, and one of the things we intend to do in court is rebut ABC's claim that our kitchen is somehow inadequate for serving a reasonable volume of food. So this Saturday, we're going to serve just as much food as we possibly can, to demonstrate beyond any doubt that when the demand is there, so is the supply. So please, come and eat!

Also, if you live within 100 feet of DNA Lounge, and you think that we are awesome, and are willing to testify in court to our awesomeness, please mail me. (At this time, we only need testimony from close neighbors.)


Take my cookie! Choke on it! CHOKE ON MY COOKIE!!

Remember the good old days, when if you configured your web browser to remember cookies for a site forever, you wouldn't have to log in again all the fucking time? Gosh, those were the days. Before sites kept a useless shit-ton of server-side session state that they felt the need to constantly expire on you. Or before they decided to log you out every N days for "security" reasons.

Also remember when if you told your web browser to remember your user name and password for web sites, that worked? When people actually used HTTP authentication instead of crazy-assed bullshit involving JavaScript and Flash and turning off autocomplete, because they know better than you? Yeah. Those were the days.

Dear Interweb: fucking knock that shit off.

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