"Some day a real rain will come..."

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8 Responses:

  1. skreidle says:

    Not remotely as good--saw that the other day. :P

  2. skreidle says:

    However, the paint explosions were on par with the superballs. :)

  3. loftwyr says:

    I wonder where you could get that machine and how much it costs to run. That would be a great thing to unleash in almost any city... or party

  4. baconmonkey says:

    God's Bukkake.

  5. gfish says:

    All those people standing almost over their heads makes me twitch, but I once almost suffocated after inhaling a bunch of bubble solution. (I think I hiccuped at a bad time? Odd, I don't really remember now how it happened now. Would have been about 20 years ago.)