so unfair.

The other day structurefall and I were having lunch, and this group of people walked by dressed as, respectively, a conquistador, a slice of pizza, and a santa claus wearing a black-block bandana mask.

These things happen.

Last night when I got home, I had an email from someone explaining what this was all about.

But today, that email doesn't exist, and now I'm pretty sure I dreamed that last part.

So unfair.


7 Responses:

  1. tramp32123 says:

    Them psychedelic drugs are working again huh :-)

    I hate it when I have an enjoyable dream, kinda like a sci-fi story, one in which I am the successful hero - and I wake before the stroey completes.

  2. The part I missed in the original conversation: YOU Twittering. I uh....didn't know that.

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    A couple years ago I was doing a show at Benders. Right as the show starts, I walk out on stage and there, in the front row of this fairly grungy, overpacked Mission neighborhood bar, (filled with typically Mission neighborhood people) there's a guy dressed as a king, a guy dressed as a full-blown pirate (with beard) a cowboy and Robin Hood.

    This was my reaction:

  4. valacosa says:

    Were they university-age? They might have been celebrating graduation. Exams are ending around now.

  5. unholyguy says:

    Once in San Diego about five years ago I walked out of my office (in Old Town) to grab a bite to eat.

    Started to jaywalk across the street and almost got run over by an elephant.

    Jumped back on the curve, did a double take. Freakin elephant. Walking down the middle of the road, happy as a clam. Elephant.

    And behind that elephant was...another elephant. And behind that one. Another elephant. And another... Ad infinitum from what I could see

    I think this is the closest a human brain can come to a segfault. There was no way there could be elephants. And yet there were elephants. Quite clearly. I sat there spin looping for a bit trying to resolve the situation.

    As jwz says, these things happen. It's a marvelous experience when they happen to you, especially when they catch you completely unawares.

    It turned out to be some kind of circus parade of course...