New Media Douchebags Explained

It would be wrong of me to use this as the
promo video for Ignite on the DNA calendar.

That would be wrong.

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12 Responses:

  1. djinnaya says:

    Are you sure it would be wrong? I can't think of a logical reason why it would be actually *wrong* exactly.


  3. elfs says:

    Wait, I hate lots of stuff and I post everyday. I even hate my deadend programming job! Yaaaay!

  4. fu3dotorg says:

    Neither the joke-construct or the british daytime TV rhethoric would register as poking-fun-of with these people; - It's brushing up on Alley 2-0.

    If you play too much content from these kinds of pools they'll just have an even more enthusiastic glee as they storm out of their little buses or whatever, stampeding bystanders with their little rucksacks and vip geek passes. You might have fueled the dangerous fire here, I mean, if it wasn't wrong to do so, ofcourse.

  5. ghosthacked says:

    you should broadcast it in the background during the show, i'd be so there.

    and the fact i'm actually ljing this back
    makes me a NMD


    i'm going to write some really dirty C asm right now, the kind that violates memory. aaaarrggghh.

  6. zonereyrie says:

    Along similar lines: