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  1. mackys says:

    "I think the inimitable The Onion put it best, in Our Dumb Century: "Soviet Space Program Ahead in Dog-Killing Race"."

    "But didn't the US beat them in the chimp killing race?"

    "No, the U.S. tried to squash a chimp on launch but he made it back alive. The Russians shook their heads in disgust and said, "If we wanted to squash a chimp we would have done it properly and put a 400 pound weight in the capsule above his head. The imperialist running pig-dog lackeys are such amatures.""


  2. gytterberg says:

    I know how you inexplicably feel about Achewood, but this one is hilarious and topical.

  3. buz says:

    Hell - She's fine. She's even got a MySpace...

     Laika's Interests
    Cosmonauts, Astronauts, Astronomy, Russia, Sputnik, Animal Rights, Alternatives to animal testing.
    Laika Dog, Laika &; The Cosmonauts, Laika, Gorillaz.
    My Life as a Dog (Mitt liv som hund) by Lasse Hallström.

    But why stop at Laika when there are so many more?
    Russian Dogs Lost in Space

  4. antifuchs says:

    Huh, synchronicity. I just set as my desktop picture - I knew that this drawing reminded me of something.

  5. luserspaz says:

    The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has one of the space monkeys stuffed and mounted in her little monkey rocket harness:

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