Healing Heart, Drunken Pit Bull: Making Peace

"Someone shouted "OH SHIT, it's coming back!"

The dog then grabbed a can in its jaws and bit down hard, puncturing the can and shaking it like a baby -- which sent streams of malt liquor shooting out of the holes around its fangs and straight down the monster's throat. It spat the mostly-empty can out into the street, covered in drool and malt liquor and wagged its tail, happily burping.

The man picked himself up and yelled "motherfucker, what did I JUST TELL YOU," and grabbed the dog by its neck and belly, clean-and-jerked it and threw the thing like a soccer ball as far as he could. It hit the pavement and skidded, snarling and growling and ran straight for him, knocked him down again and grabbed another can.

This cycle had been iterating for a little while.


5 Responses:

  1. _equanimous_ says:

    This story definitely made my day.

    • I know, right? And yet there's only your comment. Coming-of-age story about watching a man fight his giant, drunken pit bull? How can people resist? Maybe it's impossible to add anything after reading.

      • _equanimous_ says:

        Yeah, they're probably paralyzed after realizing that they will never have anything remotely close to this happen to them.

        I, however, applaud humanity for reaching this point in our evolution.