Get on that.

Why has nobody yet hacked one of those "I lost me to meth" billboards into "I lost mini-me to mini-meth"?

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  1. perligata says:

    I think it'd be funnier to lose mini-me to Method Man.

  2. omni_ferret says:

    How about:
    I lost me eye to meth, arrr.
    I lost me Lucky Charms to methodists.

    I'm trying to work in moths or method acting but I think I've done enough already.

  3. evan says:

    The Valencia wall of paste (around 22ndish) has some "I lost meow to meth" posters, with a picture of a cat with crazy eyes.

  4. ammonoid says:


  5. jkonrath says:

    Thinking about pshopping a "Life or Meth" poster so it has to do with the cereal. Or the board game.

    (Pretty sure that Mikey died of pop rocks and meth.)

  6. qiezi says:

    Why are none of these comments funny?

  7. danfuzz says:

    I was hoping for the addition a green top hat and removal of "to":


  8. Stickin' it to Twitter.

  9. On the radio they were talking about all the high school kids who are already saying "I lost ME to MATH."