This season of Galactica has pretty much blown so far. They haven't made me give a shit about anybody or anything that has happened. Bring back Sarah Connor.

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  1. 0ntological says:


    And does EVERYONE have to sleep with Gaius? Really? The man is repulsive.

    Why do shows always have to start off so promisingly and then just disintegrate into silliness? Don't answer that.

  2. At least Cally won't have to listen to the baby crying anymore... in space.

  3. But they killed off Cally. That has to count for something. Should have done it a few seasons ago.

  4. The screaming child throughout the entire last episode made me want to gouge someone's eyes out, I'll go to Mcdonalds if I ever feel a craving for that.

  5. cjensen says:

    I'm glad it's not just me. It's as if they've got such a hankering for a big spanking finale that they are rearranging the furniture to get everything headed in just the right direction for big fireworks.

    Watching furniture being rearranged is not as interesting as they seem to think. Plus now the finale will seem contrived by the start-of-season adjustments.

  6. mark242 says:

    That's because the last season ended on, "Come on, are you fucking kidding me?" without any rhyme or reason as to why.

    There are about 10 too many Cylon models.

    The greatest episode of the series, still, is the first episode not in the miniseries, the one where the Cylons attacked every 33 minutes.

  7. elliterati says:

    I suspect the most interesting characters this season will be the newly-smart Centurions.

  8. theealex says:

    Totally disagree, IMO they're really cranked it up. This week's ep was totally horrifying, and the whole series seems to have taken a much darker tone.

    Just my twopenneth.

  9. sherm says:

    I think I prefer this to the alternative. They've made no secret that it's going to be "dark" (which appears to be pretentious sci-fi writer code for "I loathe myself too much to do anything with these people other than drag them through endless piles of shit"), and I guess I'd rather see characters I don't care about get totally destroyed than ones I do care about.

  10. theorb says:

    I think it's simply been too long, especially since they started the new season with something of a whimper compared to their earlier starts -- no time passed, they didn't give us a chance to reaquanit ourselves with what's going on, they didn't give us a big action scene right away.

  11. jmtd says:

    Fugazi vs. Destiny's Child -- Independent Room

    Where can I get me one of these?

  12. wfaulk says:

    I totally agree. For one thing, 95% of each episode has been the four of them all horse-eyeing each other. For God's sake, we know you're Cylons - you don't have to point it out every time something happens to which that is relevant.

    Not to mention that the whole thing where they're Cylons after all is an incredibly lame plot device. I really hope that they turn out not to be and it's somehow a Cylon plot to sow dissent. Yes, I know that Ronald Moore told us that that they really are Cylons, and some plot developments make it unlikely, like the Raiders not wanting to attack Anders, but a boy can dream, can't he?

    And something makes me feel like they're veering awfully close to proving religion.

    I will say that this season is by far better than might be expected simply due to the lack of inappropriate, terrible, misplaced classic rock covers.