at least it wasn't cheese

I recently ordered some pants from Cyberdog. (Since I still wear clothes that went out of fashion 7-10 years ago.) They included with my order a piece of Starburst candy. That I'm pretty sure went stale 7-10 years ago.

15 Responses:

  1. 0ntological says:

    this post is more than one line.

  2. bunny42 says:

    Any chance that Starburst fell outa the inspector's pocket? Or the guy who packed the parcel?

  3. Hey! It's like that stick of crunchy gum from a pack of baseball cards!!

  4. substitute says:

    Maybe the Starburst were intended for the Cyberdog web browser.

  5. perligata says:

    Please tell me you got these.

  6. malcubed says:

    This post is totally giving me flashbacks to the infrarot brand candy they used to put in every box of CDs. I desperately hope somebody else remembers this, as I fear I may be insane...

    • benediktus says:

      if you mean this, then no, i never received anything else than cds... lucky me.

      but it's pretty anoying to get a packet of adamantine gummy bears with anything ordered ...

  7. cattycritic says:

    I'm probably going to get slammed for this but Cyberdog is my favorite clothing store and has been for, yeah about 7-10 years. I went in there and gleefully (actually more like manically) bought clothes when my family went to London. I get a lot of wear out of the stuff I bought and it all has laundered well and stood up to hard booty shakin'. Frequently at your club, HAHA.

  8. romulusnr says:

    You need a woman. Or someone else constantly around to tell you how sad you look, dressing in the past.

  9. rcr203 says:

    Aren't Starburst like Twinkies? I didn't realize they went stale.