You Are Hereby Advised --

Tonight:   Xanopticon @ DNA Lounge 
Wed, Apr 30:   The Breeders @ Slim's 
Thu, May 01:   Iron Man @ Metreon, 8pm 
Fri, May 02:   Sons and Daughters @ GAMH 
Sat, May 03:   Point Break Live @ Xenodrome, 7:30pm
Tue, May 06:   Ultraviolet / Electric Valentine @ Red Devil Lounge 
Thu, May 08:   Dolores Park Movie Night: Soylent Green 
Thu, May 08:   Emerging Illusions Fashion Show @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, May 09:   The Trucks @ Du Nord 
Fri, May 16:   Hubba Hubba Revue @ DNA Lounge 
Sat, May 17:   The Kills @ Slim's 
Sat, May 17:   Pop Roxx @ DNA Lounge 
Sun, May 18:   Dresden Dolls @ Fillmore 
Mon, May 19:   Clinic @ Independent 
Wed, May 21:   Presets @ Mezzanine 
Thu, May 22:   Meat @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, May 23:   Mortified @ Make-Out Room 
Sat, May 24:   Mortified @ Make-Out Room 
Sun, May 25:   Hex Rx @ DNA Lounge 
Tue, May 27:   Ladytron @ Fillmore 
Thu, May 29:   Bong-Ra @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, May 30:   Bohemian Carnival @ DNA Lounge 
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10 Responses:

  1. elevatordown says:

    I just bought tickets for the Ladytron show like twenty minutes ago. So painful having to deal with ticketing agencies. I wish more venues had their own ticketing systems like the DNA.

    • jwz says:

      Do you think Ladytron will sell out? I was hoping to just buy tickets at the door rather than tithing even more to ClearChannel.

      • elevatordown says:

        I would say yes, but probably not until a few days before the show date. So, if you happen to be the in area of the venue you could possibly go to the box office then and pick them up.

  2. elliterati says:

    That Bong-Ra flyer is TERRIFYING!

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    I'm definitely going to Hubba Hubba Revue.

  4. spendocrat says:

    The Breeders! Lucky.

  5. fantasygoat says:

    I've done some posters for the Red Devil. I like that they actually paid for them, unlike a lot of places that want them designed and printed for free.

    If you ever want hand printed silkscreened posters to use as merch, let me know. I design and print, and I know a bunch of people in SF who do it as well.

  6. omni_ferret says:

    What, no Duran Duran love?

  7. omni_ferret says:

    Bottom of the Hill has a couple of bands that I've been meaning to point out to you:
    Monday, May 12 - Slaraffenland.
    Tuesday, Cloud Cult.