Adium's ability to search IM logs is comically bad. It's so bad, I usually resort to grep. Which is almost enough to drive me back to iChat. But I like having OTR (crypto) built in, and iChat's multi-protocol UI is stupid (I want one list of contacts, not one list per server).
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  1. cfs_calif says:

    There is a spotlight indexer for the chat logs, but you may need to tweak the Spotlight importer util if you been upgrading for a while:

    mdimport -r /Applications/

    The bug also states that you may have to search using Command-Option-Space because the menubar item doesn't display results found in ~/Library

  2. bergernon says:

    You need that. :)

    It's Chat Transcript Manager, and it works with Adium and with iChat. It's freakin' awesome.

  3. pandakiss says:

    Completely understood.

  4. artkiver says:

    bitlbee srsly, ftw.

    OTR has been added in a branch and is being merged in for the next release too which means finally a multi-IM client which can be access from a command line app if you want (or whatever you want, because it's implemented as an irc daemon, you can even using MS Comic chat and jerk city it up).

  5. artkiver says:

    Oh one last thing, I love how adium prefers OTR by default _and_ logging, which basically puts everything on the record; but I'll avoid my full bashing of otr another time.

  6. poige says:

    And I rather dislike one list approach. :)

  7. houdini_cs says:

    I know I sound like a fanboy, but: Jabber? I've got a jabber server running that has AIM/ICQ/MSN/etc transports, and iChat gives me all of them in one window.

    That's another thing to maintain if you run your own, but there's got to be one out there that doesn't suck.

    • jwz says:

      Having to run my own chat server is bullshit. Having to run my own proxy server is bullshit.

      This should all be obvious.

      • houdini_cs says:

        It is. I wasn't suggesting running one, I was suggesting using one.

        If you'd like, I'll even give you an account on my Jabber server. It's not a commercial service, and I'm not going to give you an SLA, but it works pretty well for the few users I have.

  8. zakj says:

    Chax provides a unified contact list for iChat, but no OTR.

  9. pikuorguk says:

    You know what's really irritating?

    People who change their screen name (or whatever it is) to be some "whitty" comment. Thanks, it really helps keep me on my toes, guessing who you all are. This is the main reason I'm not on MSN.

    • fantasygoat says:

      Adium allows aliases. I just use everyone's real name as an alias so I never see their stupid screen names.

      • pikuorguk says:

        Adium's not too bad, apart from the strange squawks it makes. I'd use it but iChat is good enough - GMail archives all my chats, so there's no need to go grepping through text.

        • evands says:

          Preferences->Events. You can turn off or change the sounds :)

          The duck sounds haven't been the default in a while, in any case - I agree they were obnoxious.

          • toastednut says:

            seriously. mine have been all NES sounds for a while now. plus, what could be sexier than a completely transparent bg for the contact list + tabbed chat + native otr? well, i guess a lot but i don't want any replies about that.

  10. defenestr8r says:

    the few times i have had to search logs, what i was looking for has immediately appeared. maybe "the" is significant like myspace which i also have more success with searching than you do. perhaps you are too smart for search functions.

  11. evands says:

    Adium uses the same search technology as Spotlight, SearchKit. Its searching should be phenomenal, not comically bad. Please report the problem you have at so we can fix it.

    -Evan, Adium lead developer

  12. alchemist says:

    I feel your pain.

    My only beef with adium (other than that) is the lack of an IRC connector. Adium uses libpurple, it's basically a port of pidgin, so where the devil is IRC? Oh sure, they include the MySpace plugin, which I'm sure is much more useful....

  13. endquote says:

    I agree that iChat's multi-protocol UI is stupid, but if you do use it, there's Logorrhea for dealing with its log files.

    I'm just waiting for a port of Digsby for Mac. I've been working a lot in Windows lately, using that for IM. It's really nice.

  14. telecart says:

    I think Trillian had an OTR plugin. I wonder if < a href="">Trillian Astra (which has a mac version in alpha) will too (and not suck otherwise).

    BTW, I will be in San Francisco this June, I hope I will have a chance to visit your establishment.