Adium's ability to search IM logs is comically bad. It's so bad, I usually resort to grep. Which is almost enough to drive me back to iChat. But I like having OTR (crypto) built in, and iChat's multi-protocol UI is stupid (I want one list of contacts, not one list per server).
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at least it wasn't cheese

I recently ordered some pants from Cyberdog. (Since I still wear clothes that went out of fashion 7-10 years ago.) They included with my order a piece of Starburst candy. That I'm pretty sure went stale 7-10 years ago.

New Media Douchebags Explained

It would be wrong of me to use this as the
promo video for Ignite on the DNA calendar.

That would be wrong.

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Dear Lazyweb,

I have an Illustrator file. I wish to have the outline therein manufactured into a flat plastic object. Say, 1mm thick. It's basically a comb for holding some small components at a fairly precise spacing, say, ±0.2mm tolerance. (Nevermind what it's for.)

I believe that here in the future, there should be some web service where I upload my .ai file, and then my object arrives in the mail. However, the only one I know of is Ponoko. Which sounds like exactly what I want... except that they're in New Zealand, a fact which they only cop to after you've gotten almost all the way through checkout and only then discover that their shipping rates are insane (like, I think you can put payload into orbit for less.)

It seems like most people who have cutters and fabricators are from the last century, and want to spend a bunch of time talking about it and holding my hand and writing me a personalized quote for the work and asking me about my feelings or whatever. Screw that. I just want the Kinko's of fabbing. Where is it?

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This season of Galactica has pretty much blown so far. They haven't made me give a shit about anybody or anything that has happened. Bring back Sarah Connor.


  1. I still don't understand how Twitter is in any way superior to posting one-liners to Livejournal.
  2. I'm also not clear on how it's any better (or even any different) than idling on IM.

  3. I barely use the thing, but @rstevens said my name the other day, and I immediately got 50+ new followers. Then I mentioned it here in passing and I got 150+ more. I think half of them signed up an account 30 seconds before that. Who the hell are you people? No, don't answer that, I don't really care. Jesus.

  4. Those of you who post daily dumps of your twitter messages: fucking knock that shit off. It's annoying.

  5. In re point #1, I will now make a policy of posting more one liners to LJ. Possibly even from my phone.

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