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A few months back I wrote about the "public space" zoning regulations. There's now been a new article about it. I don't think there's much new information there that wasn't covered in the links you folks posted in the comments, but there is a pretty slick Google Maps display of all the spaces mentioned in the article.

Oh, and that one on 2nd Street that I made fun of? "Enclosed empty concrete lobby as public park"? The article says, "Though passers-by must pass through doors to use the chairs and black granite benches, the space feels like an urban piazza."

Suuuure it does.

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6 Responses:

  1. dmlaenker says:

    Yah, shitty public spaces are usually constructed like modernist afterthoughts in exchange for air rights and other architectural perks.

    And for Gods' sake, people knew this thirty years ago.

    This isn't the exact film I was thinking of, but it has Eugene Ruskin in it and gets the same point across.

  2. But -- "progressive heartthrob Matt Gonzalez has been seen drinking coffee here"!

    Oh, how my heart goes pitter pat.

  3. pixiecup says:

    "pubic park."

    it's playtime! lol.

  4. fu3dotorg says:

    Second and Clementina?

    Seems like they're right on calling it a piazza; they just forgot in Pompeii, dodging the hailing lava.

    No wonder the CNET/ websites have stayed uninspired and shitful since at least back since 1997; if this "feels like their lobby" then their creative working environments must be up to the same stagnated specs aswell, undoubtedly..

    Man these places look sad; I feel sorry for anyone afflicted, even more so if this should happen to be anyone's actual working environment.

  5. merovingian says:

    Perhaps they meant Piazza, the New York catcher. He's rumored to be "in the closet."