my inner nerd is curled up in the corner, crying.

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  1. andrewducker says:

    The sheer indignancy in the second video was great.

  2. greyface says:

    Well, the MonkeyBox thing is pretty much an unfunny presentation of a major plotpoint in SomethingAwful. But that doesn't make the Star-Wars nerd chick in the advertisement any less scary!

  3. gfish says:

    I'd go read the YouTube comments, but no good has ever come out of that.

  4. hafnir says:

    kyronfive has something new to aspire to. :)

  5. belgand says:

    As the rest of us already know the real geek girls are usually both much, much geekier and much hotter than the fake, unpleasant bimbos usually trotted out as "unattainable".

  6. pozorvlak says:

    Does that girl in the second video have too much disposable income, or have I just been a student for too long?

    • altamira16 says:

      She is an attractive geek. She can easily find a single enginerd with a lot of disposable income to support her lifestyle.

      • giles says:

        Gee, I was all set to go on a sarcastic rant about how she couldn't possibly be an enginerd herself to support her habit(s). You know, win some points with the ladies.

        Then I watched the video of this caffeinated Ellen Feiss, and after the initial "Wow, would it be what they call 'meta' if I made a video of myself watching this video of woman who made a video of herself watching a video?" impulse I became saturated with irritation.

        Anyway I'm not sure which one was first, but Saturday Night Live already did this ages ago:

        I mean, yeah, it's got Tina Fey with Princess Leia buns but more importantly it's got Paris Hilton as Tom Baker Doctor Who. WTF that, angry redhead.

        • strspn says:

          I'd go with the rant.

          • giles says:


            Oh, so because she's a female geek her only useful contribution to society is her attractiveness? She has to prostitute herself to this "enginerd" you speak of? I suppose he'll have to get her some farmed gold for her WoW account too, since she couldn't possibly actually play the game herself, what with her vagina and all.

            Never mind a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, maybe we should be looking to the future of this galaxy and hoping that some day a woman won't have to put on her robe and wizard hat and worship at the altar of the PHALLUS just to afford a few ninja weapons and MMORPGs.

        • artkiver says:

          Also see more recent hip nerd girl music video (video submitted for an MC Chris contest by some SF locals I know):

      • pozorvlak says:

        Judging by the ones I've known, the intersection of the sets {geek girls} and {girls looking for a sugar daddy to support them} is very small indeed. Geeks would rather succeed on their own terms, for the most part.

        • altamira16 says:

          Well, wanting a sugar daddy is different from being a geek girl. Being a geek girl involves being a member of a highly desirable subset of society where you get your choice of mates.

          For example, professional athletes who value attractive mates can find attractive mates because there is a limited number of highly desirable professional athletes and a greater number of potential attractive mates. Whether or not a woman can afford to support her own lifestyle, if she is in a highly desirable subset of society, she can find someone else to do that if she would like. Or if she wants a geek who is eye candy, she can go find one of those two because the number of men with her interests are far greater than the number of women.

          • pozorvlak says:

            Without wishing to be rude, please go back and read what I said carefully.

            • altamira16 says:

              The way this whole thread degenerated irks me.

              Why can't a woman be able to support herself and be in a position to have a guy support some aspect of her lifestyle without being labeled a gold digger?

              • pozorvlak says:

                You're the one who first suggested that she was funding her lifestyle by gold-digging.

                • altamira16 says:

                  Well, since the original question was about having disposable income, I would think that the scope of "lifestyle" in that context would be with respect to disposable income pertaining to buying books, weapons, and other such trappings of geekiness.

                  In the Burning Man and the SCA circles that I have been around, it is not uncommon to have two groups, the enginerds and the various people whose costumes, tents, etc are possible with some contribution from the enginerds. Not all the enginerds are men and not all the people whose gear is supplemented are women. They are just people who are fun to be around.

                  I typically view a gold digger as someone who is after wealth and various marks typically associated with wealth so I was surprised to see the conversation degenerate into that.

      • smootonfire says:

        so, make that....

        Rich, hot, nerd girl.

        Even less frequent(but not extinct) species.


      • strspn says:

        Answering an either-or-question with "yes" is meaningless. If you are trying to say "yes to both," then you should add, "to both."

        • divergio says:

          You have to be joking.

          • strspn says:

            I am not joking. If you answer "yes" to someone who has asked an either-or question without expecting that both alternatives are possible, they are likely to think that you affirmed one of the alternatives.

            It's amazing that people can be sticklers for things that don't make any difference, like phonetic spelling or subject-verb agreement, but are willing to tolerate high levels of ambiguity elsewhere.

        • rapier1 says:

          I love you.

        • pozorvlak says:

          Hey, it's a standard geek joke. I (as the commenter to whom he was replying) got it, and felt glad for the reminder of the importance of precision in speech.

          So, to re-frame my question: Does that girl in the second video have too much disposable income? Have I just been a student for too long?

          • zonereyrie says:

            Not necessarily, and I don't know. :-)

            Geeks/nerds can be pretty focused when it comes to their fandom(s) and will find ways to afford their hobbies. It may mean eating ramen for weeks/months to save up, etc, but it can be done. As a student I was buying laser discs despite being effectively broke - sometimes my bills would be paid late, or I would be finding new ways to enjoy a mustard sandwich, but I kept my anime habit going.

            Her weapon collection looks like it may have cost a bit, but books are relatively cheap - especiall if she bought any of them used. From her profile she appears to be 23, which probably means she's out of college and working now.

        • It's only meaningless if you've already narrowed the answer down to the two possibilities supplied. I think questions phrased like the original are in part comparing the two alternatives to the default assumption that there's nothing out of the ordinary going on. So it makes sense to say, "you're right, either she has too much disposable income or you've been in school too long."

          • strspn says:

            So therefore it could mean four things:

            1. Yes, both.

            2a. Yes to the first part
            2b. Yes to the second part

            3. Yes, it is either one or the other

  7. baconmonkey says:

    you know, at first my impression was nothing more than "Hmm, looks a bit like Alyson Hannigan", then she kept talking, and the more she talked, the more annoying I found her. Parading a hundred star wars novels really shows nothing more than the fact that one will choke down the most terrible of writing for some sort of nerd-cred.

    FCC Okays Nudity On TV If It�s Alyson Hannigan

  8. rapier1 says:

    YouTube, giving hypersensitive annoying people a place to be narcissistic on camera for far too long.

  9. fantasygoat says:

    I find her wry sarcasm highly erotic.

  10. greatevil says:

    I <3 that this is tagged furries!

  11. xthread says:

    But the best part, only one of the girls in the first vid is actually cute..

    • gths says:

      The one with the ears?

      • xthread says:

        Yeah. The other one seems to have missed out on the part of the training session where they explain that if you're selling sexual services, you're only supposed to sneer at your patrons if they're actually explicitly paying you for it.

  12. grlfridae says:

    i want to marry her.

  13. macguyver says:

    The best part about the first video was the "not a real number, don't call" at the end.

  14. babasyzygy says:

    Beware the six episodes (according to the article) of World of Whorecraft, then.

  15. This is beyond hot. This is rock-star quality. This woman is now my personal goddess of nerd.

    ps-Countering the myth that hot nerdy girls don't exist. I didn't even know that there WAS such a myth. Where do the people who believe this myth the caves of Kazakhstan? In the swamps of Bolivia? Shut-ins in Alaska WITHOUT TV and internet? I've been to all of these places, and they seemed to be able to identify me readily enough ;->

  16. I know hot nerdy girls like the girl in the second video. I know a freakishly hot girl who actually got a projector and painted the opening crawl from Star Wars on her bedroom wall and collects comics. Hot, nerdy girls exist.

    Like this one!


  17. Not a single multimeter lying around anywhere in her flat. Not a nerd.