mixtape 021

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 021.

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  1. houdini_cs says:

    Man, first comment...

    I enjoyed this, the first half more than the second. You get bonus points for using The Muppets to end it though.

    I didn't know there was a new Miss Kittin! I worked at a radio station when i.com came out, and it got a lot of play when I was in the studio. That 2 Bit Pie album is underrated. Too bad I had left the radio station by then or at least a few more people would have heard it :)

  2. roulez_libre says:

    I like the 1.8.7./Pow[d]er Pussy/Enduser section. All new to me and quite good.
    Also, Die Warzau's new stuff sucks, IMHO. Ideologically cool (see their blog), but that's it. Sorry.
    Cop Shoot Cop RIP. Wish they were still around.
    Ethyl Meatplow!!!! Haven't heard them in aeons. I swear you're like the only guy who remembers them and Daisy Chainsaw. :D

    • elliterati says:

      As a big Daisy Chainsaw/Ethel Meatplow fan, I must disagree. :)

      (Actually, Daisy Chainsaw meets The Kills is the rationale behind a new band I'm working on.)

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, I only liked a few tracks on Convenience. Not nearly as good as the earlier stuff.

  3. anyfoo says:

    I like this one (not exclusively) thank you very much

  4. kzinti says:

    Just now catching up with mixtape 21, and I see the contents shows the last song is Mahna Mahna. Great choice, dude. Is that just to see who's paying attention? Great choice regardless. Thanks for making these mixtapes. Not normally my kind of music, but I love it as a change from my usual fare.