mixtape 020

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 020.

Twenty mixtapes... that's kinda a lot, huh?

It's about half relatively-new stuff this time. As always, I eagerly await your valued opinions.

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11 Responses:

  1. urajah says:

    Did you change something in the way you posted this last mixtape? The stutter that has always been present in WinAmp is gone. Makes a big difference in the ease of listening.

    Still on the first song, but stoked that the stutter is gone. Liking the first song as well.

  2. muftak says:

    I liked the Robots In Disguise track, have downloaded their album. Any chance of a mix with more dance or newer EBM type stuff?

  3. telecart says:

    Arling & Cameron are always fun (We Love Dancing... YAYYYY) and of course I always appreciate me some Pretty Girls Make Graves. Some stuff here I'm not familiar with too. Looks like a good one.

  4. strangehours says:

    Midnight Movies reminds me somewhat of The Paradise Motel.

  5. Supersystem was fantastic, and is / will be missed. Not a bad way to spend 87 minutes tonight!

  6. relaxing says:

    loved 'dirty robot' and 'can't stop getting wasted'.

  7. netik says:

    Pretty good, loved the first song.

    I was listening to podcasts of morning becomes eclectic before starting your mixtape, so I guess I was ready for this ;)

    btw, bands heard today you might like:

    Meiko (new LA act)
    Great Northern
    Stars of Track and Field

  8. elusis says:

    BTW, looks like I had my British chefs wrong - it's Robert Irvine, not Gordon Ramsay, who's in so much hot water.

  9. lroberson says:

    ahh, dirty robot. this one's an automatic winner.

  10. confuseme says:

    I'm really enjoying this one. So much new stuff that reminds me of old stuff! I miss 90s alt-rock chick bands.