Most disconcerting
of "xeyes" ever.
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  1. whumpdotcom says:

    Out of the uncanny valley and into who knows what.

  2. stu_hacking says:

    positively frightening. Xeyes never suddenly looked right at me before.

    I am reminded of Black Hole Sun for some reason.

  3. Fire up Winamp. Start off a Motorhead/GnR/Iron Maiden track. Move the mouse up and down the screen.


  4. skreidle says:

    It's beyond the UV until she smiles--then it's just creepy.

  5. dr_memory says:

    I keep expecting her to turn inside-out a la the dog at the beginning of "The Thing".

  6. I believe that if or when someone crossbreeds it with this pic:... then our brainz would be fried for real.(don't know the original source, caption reads like "stoned again bastard" in Russian).

    • fu3dotorg says:

      Thanks for the Russian sighttest; our eyes will remain skewed throughout the rest of the show now.

      Taking Your idea further; how about a device that simulates how flies see, (or any other >2-eyed cretin?)

      Best effect if seeing from 'the inside-out,' and completely covering your field of vision much like a VR device or full-facial goggle.

      I'd buy one.

      • Actually, I believe that this strange effect results from the conflict between the normal image recognition pathway and the part of the brain that recognizes faces, which in this case strongly feels that this is a face (assigning high weight to its own output), but then predictably fails to match patterns and stuff, literally yielding FAIL out loud.

        • fu3dotorg says:

          Yeah, although the eyes alone seem to be the big problem. The mouth and even the facial properties as a whole sorta land on the obscure side, it terms of automatical attraction.

          • anyfoo says:

            I disagree a bit, because, albeit dramatically lower, I still get a pretty significant amount of the effect by looking just at the lower half of her face (just scroll your browser window).

            and, to faceted_jacinth: that is actually a very good explanation. I know nothing about neuroscience and can't say anything about its validity, but your theory sounds very probable!

            • fu3dotorg says:

              Sorry, you're right. By cutting the image just above the nose-bridge, the mouth will produce the same effect, right on. :)

  7. ultranurd says:

    I'd suggest Visine, but I don't think it would make her zombie eyes any less freaky.

  8. lafinjack says:

    When I first saw this I was disappointed she wouldn't go crosseyed.

  9. frandroid says:

    Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Someone post the file from their cache?

  10. korgmeister says:

    For some reason, it reminds me of my Mum. I am not sure what that could possibly mean.

  11. terry_fide says:

    I just set up a projector in front of the front door to the office, so that whoever walks in, sees a very large and quite scary asian woman looking at them. lovely.

    also, sometimes it tracks people with it's eyes as they walk past it.

    god I love the internet!

    • taiganaut says:

      also, sometimes it tracks people with it's eyes as they walk past it.

      There's got to be a way to rig it to track nearby motion. Oh man that would be excellent. The paintings really are watching you.

  12. john_x says:

    Given the depth and breadth with which you trawl these intarwebs I find it difficult to believe that you haven't heard of this already, but I didn't see it immediately in a search of your archives (google: xeyes and it seems like the kind of thing you might get a kick out of, so here it is: a port of xeyes to "reallife."

  13. taiganaut says:

    Smack in the middle of uncanny valley. gah.