I, for one, demand that our new robot overlords bring that beat back

International Dance Party with Radar Technology

This look like, how you say, "party time".

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13 Responses:

  1. ydna says:

    What? No perversions tag?

  2. waider says:

    Nothing says "party hearty" like a rucksack slung over your shoulder!

  3. macguyver says:

    Now it needs robotic dancers so that the party can go on without human interference.

  4. Wow, that was nearing critical levels of DOUCHE.

    Apparently, though, you have to EXHIBIT DANCING BEHAVIOR in front of the thing to start it up...so someone's gotta be that first dork on the floor. Except in complete silence.

    You could have this take over for some of the house djs, though, and spare yourself all the whinging over the webcam.

  5. lohphat says:

    There are two kinds of people who wear sunglasses indoors: Blind people and assholes. Times 2 if the sunglasses are as large as a diving mask.

    You're no Paris Hilton and why would you want to emulate that level of crass in the first place.

    /lawn, off.

    • jwz says:

      The first guy seems to lose his accent at the end, so I'm hoping that's supposed to be a joke...

      • lohphat says:

        Yeah becasue there's nothing worse than faux-Eurotrash douchebags.

        /Zaun, weg.
        /gazon, dehors.

        Does the DNA serve Campari yet? Don't make me come in there and order a kir...

  6. yazmeya says:

    ZOMG, on the PC there's running a custom program software!!

  7. benediktus says:

    one of these days i will start calling it "programming" when "programming" with max/msp/jitter.

    the accent is real .. it's from the same guy that made the mechanic pong machine.

  8. houdini_cs says:

    "It even has a, you might call it, 'extacy tablet dispenser' for when it detects the dancing coming to an end"

    Oh, and no one would find a cargo case that sprays some smoke out of a hatch on the side suspicious as all. Never.

  9. misterjoel says:

    Aww, I like it. Sure they're nerds, but at least they're trying to figure out what girls like.

  10. gunsafety says:

    This guy for one, thinks the idea is fabulous!