Bigwheel 8


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  1. perligata says:

    Like 90% of these make me want to cry for reasons you can probably guess, but as a random aside, I totally saw this guy changing out of his gorilla suit at the Powell St. BART station.

  2. Oh man, this guy must have stopped his grinning a second later!

  3. edlang says:

    I now have the ultimate respect for the rider in the top right corner of #4701.

  4. keimel says:

    ">This guy either was wondering who was fscking up his commute or he's just a douchbag. None of his wheels are big. Neither is he.

  5. mrothermel says:

    nice photos.
    It would have been fun to be there.

    I like the ladies in the last photo,

    You wouldn't have thier info, would you?

  6. the cheerleader is pretty awesome.

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