"Arbeit Macht Funny"

Apparently not a joke:
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  1. ludickid says:


  2. twiin says:

    I'm sure that somewhere in the chain of command where that decision was made, there was someone with a sense of humor who caught that before it went public, and didn't say a thing.

    I salute that person.

  3. perligata says:

    Air Force 2.0 gets signal.

  4. rstevens says:

    So THAT'S where all my spare 90s internet lingo went. The logo is actually quite interesting as an abstraction. Is it new?

  5. martling says:

    And what exactly is the USAF *doing* in cyberspace? Battling insurgents in WoW?

  6. positricity says:

    This is impossibly stupid.

  7. jsbowden says:

    I don't know...I think I'd have gone for California Uber Alles for this one's music selection...but maybe that's just me.

  8. ivan_ghandhi says:

    No God above them?!

  9. benchilada says:

    At least we're fucking admitting it now.

  10. skreidle says:

    Nein. "Ãœber Allen" = "Above All"; "Ãœber Alles" = "Before All" (and pre-dated any Nazi usage or Allied propaganda.

    Or so this guy says, anyhow, and other sources agree in a less succinct explanation. :)

    • jkow says:

      "Ãœber Allen" also means "About all".... it all depends on the context. ;)

      • schoschie says:

        That would be "über Alle".

        "Über alles" -- the guy on urbandictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=uber+alles) got it right, although he got the "correctly spelled ueber" part wrong; it is, of course "über" with a u-umlaut.

        "Ãœber Allen" -- above all (people, things, ...) / above everyone
        "Ãœber alle" -- about everyone / [place s.o./s.th.] above/before everyone
        "über alles" -- more than everything

        Just some sample translations. "über alles" is a never-ending source of confusion because it's not a sentence, it's not even a phrase. Depending on what the original author was thinking (and what he left out), it can mean many things.

        "above" is only one possible translation for "über". It can also mean about, over, before, ... You will recognise the same Germanic root in "over" and "über".

        "über allen Wolken" -- above all clouds
        "ich liebe dich über alles" -- I love you more than anything
        "info über alle Teilnehmer" -- Info about all participants
        "Leg ein Tuch über alles" -- lay a cloth over everything
        "überall" -- everywhere
        "Ãœber allen Dingen" -- above all things

        etc etc etc.

        • jkow says:

          Hehe.. yeah, my own confusion: I meant to say "Ãœber alles" is also "about everything".

          "wir können über alles reden" = "we can talk about everything"

          "über" can simply mean "about" or "above" depending on the context. The "more than" meaning is actually derived from the "above" interpretation and is a special case of the usage of "über". It makes more sense when being translated as "on top of all", because "on top of s.th." has the same literal but also metaphorical meaning in English.

    • ahruman says:

      I like how in his example, "above all" (or "above all else") is a perfectly valid translation, thus disproving his point.

    • gordonzola says:

      and pre-dated any Nazi usage

      Since we live in a post-Nazi era, that hardly matters. Especially in conjunction with a military recruiting effort.

    • sheilagh says:

      Whereas Google translation doesn't convert the phrase "Above All" anywhere in this, but the rest of the English does get translated:


      "Above All" ist über das, was wir tun und wie wir es tun ", sagte Colonel Caldwell. "The job of the Air Force is to defend America and we do that by dominating air, space and cyberspace. The new campaign and slogan captures our roots, but also illustrates where we're going as a service as the Air Force prepares to contend with future threats." "Der Auftrag von der Air Force ist es, Amerika zu verteidigen, und wir tun das, indem sich die Luft, Raum und Cyberspace. Die neue Kampagne und den Slogan fängt unsere Wurzeln, sondern auch zeigt, wo wir als einen zusätzlichen Service an, wie die Air Force bereitet zu behaupten, Mit zukünftigen Bedrohungen."

      ...et cetera...

  11. schoschie says:

    General William R. Looney III
    Commander of Air Education and Training Command

    -- The commander is a looney!

    • sheilagh says:

      sorry, they replace General Looney: http://www.aetc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123090269

      Senate confirms General Lorenz for fourth star, to command AETC

      by Tech. Sgt. Mike Hammond
      Air Education and Training Command Public Affairs

      3/14/2008 - RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The U.S. Senate has confirmed Lt. Gen. Stephen R. Lorenz for appointment to the grade of general and assignment as commander of Air Education and Training Command.

  12. unlink says:

    It's actually a honeypot to capture Grammar Nazis on teh Interwebs.

  13. tedlick says:

    Next up: George W. Bush's autobiography, "My Struggle"