This picture brings up a number of questions:

Perhaps this picture provides the answers:


22 Responses:

  1. bdu says:

    A number of sexy questions.

  2. buz says:

    Didn't yer mom bring you to the Nutcracker?(and as a humorous aside - while imaging around for something relevant - I found this:

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    All these questions and more will be answered at this Friday's spy-show at the DNA...

  4. boonedog says:

    My first thought was, "Oh look ... girls in an FLDS polygamist cult".

  5. nebris says:

    The swastikas are backwards...for Nazi usage, at least.


  6. nyecamden says:

    Oh geez that first photo is disturbing.

    You Americans, eh!

  7. mykdavies says:

    Don't touch the trigger.

  8. voidptr says:

    High-school drill team. They also do this with flags.

  9. positricity says:

    Rehearsal for the Nutcracker.